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Welcome to our virtual wellness studio! We are so glad you found us. We wanted to tell you a little backstory on how we got here!  In 2017, Aurora, our Founder, became the Steward of, The Yoga Channel, a cozy little brick and mortar yoga studio, founded in 2001, by Maribeth Hammond. TYC Wellness is the virtual spinoff of The Yoga Channel.

That very first year, the Thomas Fire hit the local area, as did multiple natural disaster fires during the years following.  In March 2020, the pandemic hit, and The Yoga Channel's doors were ordered closed for 3 weeks. Today, April 30th, 2021, they are still not open.

Within 48 hours of The Yoga Channel's brick and mortar business ordered shut down, Aurora had livestream yoga classes up and running on Zoom.  The studio didn't skip a beat. However, multiple streams of income were lost and the livestream classes, just barely covered the studio's monthly bills, outside of any owner draws. That's a whole other story. :)

Needless to say, having your business shut down, JUST LIKE THAT, is traumatic. And 3 weeks turned into over a year, as the yoga industry was lumped into the same "health and fitness industry" as box gyms. The yoga industry was hit hard and is forever changed, in our opinion.

Aurora went from yoga teacher to 24/7 technical support within hours and had to stop teaching her yoga classes. It was exhausting teaching her students and staff how to shift their yoga experience into this new virtual paradigm.  But they did it and she is forever grateful.

Every day there on, she wondered if it would be the studio's last and she would have to close The Yoga Channel forever.  She could not let her yoga community down, as so many depended on that little studio, for their sanity. Not one to give up, in summer 2020, she began chipping away at creating a virtual studio to go along with the livestream classes.  The vision was online yoga and wellness workshops, online wellness courses, virtual yoga teacher training and online WELLNESS ON DEMAND memberships.  Learning this new system took much longer and it was much more demanding than she ever anticipated.  In November 2020, The Yoga Channel Wellness, otherwise known as, TYC Wellness, launched their very first online program, a 200 hour Yoga Alliance Approved Yoga Teacher Training program and currently have 8 students enrolled!

The toll this pandemic took on Aurora emotionally, physically, mentally and financially has been very traumatizing and exhausting.  Aurora decided to pass her stewardship of brick and mortar studio, The Yoga Channel, on to Nathan Holden and Amber Brandstrom in February of 2021 to focus on TYC Wellness and leave California. For now. Who knows what the future holds, but for now she is soaking up nature and wildlife in the Pacific Northwest with her Brussel's Griffon companion, Nadi.  The perfect place to take a long, deep , healing breath, and birth more virtual wellness programs for TYC Wellness. Stay tuned!

Big Love,

TYC Wellness


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