We Love "How To Do The Work" by Dr. Nicole La Pera

We LOVE the book, HOW TO DO THE WORK! Have you read it? It’s on our elective reading list for our yoga teacher training program! Celeste and I both come from backgrounds in trauma. Our training program naturally morphed into a “trauma sensitive and informed” program. This means that we are trauma sensitive and aware of the needs of our students that have a history and/or experience with trauma in their lives. Most of us do, to some degree. Because of this, our training creates a sacred space around trauma. We believe this empowers our trainees as self healers even more, empowering them as yoga teachers and as their own guru. Even if teaching yoga isn’t for you, this deep dive journey into your Self may be!! “Healing is a daily event. You can’t ‘go somewhere’ to be healed; you must go inward to be healed. This means daily a commitment to doing the work. You are responsible for your healing and will be an active participant in that process. Your level of activity is directly connected to your level of healing. Small and consistent choices are the path to deep transformation.” Dr. Nicole, LePera, How To Do The Work❤️🌈🌞
Big love,
Aurora and Celeste



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