How Does Self Care Show Up For You?

Self care. Sometimes it’s setting personal boundaries. Sometimes it’s taking a bath. Sometimes it’s a cup of your favorite tea in your favorite mug. Sometimes it’s a deep breath. Sometimes it’s a glass of wine and sometimes it’s NOT having a glass of wine. Lately self care for me has been time out in nature. Communing with the bald eagles, whales and wildlife. Exploring new places. Today it was a simple time out in my car with my favorite coffee drink from Starbucks. Simple. Nourishing. And non-negotiable. Self care is not a luxury. Self care can be the gateway to self love. Self love is the foundation for healing. Self care needs vary, so it’s important to have those moments of awareness and ask yourself, what do I really need right now? What will nourish my mind, body and soul? Will this replenish or deplete me? Will this empower or diminish me? Will this relax me or cause me anxiety? How does self care show up for you? 💚🌈🌎🌊🦋🦅


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