Welcome to TYC Wellness

Welcome to our virtual wellness studio! We are so glad you found us. We wanted to tell you a little backstory on how we got here!  In 2017, Aurora, our Founder, became the Steward of, The Yoga Channel, a cozy little brick and mortar yoga studio, founded in 2001, by Maribeth Hammond. TYC Wellness is the virtual spinoff of The Yoga Channel.

That very first year, the Thomas Fire hit the local area, as did multiple natural disaster fires during the years following.  In March 2020, the pandemic hit, and The Yoga Channel's doors were ordered closed for 3 weeks. Today, April 30th, 2021, they are still not open.

Within 48 hours of The Yoga Channel's brick and mortar business ordered shut down, Aurora had livestream yoga classes up and running on Zoom.  The studio didn't skip a beat. However, multiple streams of income were lost and the livestream classes, just barely covered the studio's monthly bills, outside of any owner draws. That's a whole other story. :)

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