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Why Trauma Aware Yoga Teacher Training?

The short answer is because it is about damn time. The  longer answer unfolds below. But first, a question for you:  

In this time of heightened anxiety and stress in the world,  what draws you to the teachings and the practice of yoga?

This is not an idle question. It’s supremely important that  we attempt to understand ourselves before we undertake  the instruction of others... Even if the understanding we  have of Us is imperfect... Even if we question our  questions... Even if (maybe especially if) we hope that the  instruction we seek will help us to answer those questions  for ourselves. 

The word Yoga in Sanskrit (a language that you will  become more and more familiar with if you continue on  this path), is generally translated to mean Union. This  refers to the harmony and balance between the mind,  body, emotions and spirit. We emphasize the word  emotions here, because it is not a part of the generally  accepted definition - however, our emotions (called vrtti’s  Sanskrit) exist on a plane different from our body and  mind, and yet affect both. We may be completely detached  from our emotions, not really present to what we are  feeling, but if we’re brought to awareness of our mental  state or our physical state, we can easily see our peacefulness or our dysregulation. Because emotion  affects us. All of us. It is also affected By our thoughts and  our physical comfort and also a lack of comfort.

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The questions were designed for reflection, not a diagnosis. Using the tools of yoga therapy to heal trauma requires a willingness to look at “what’s happening now” as a way of better understanding yourself and learning to give yourself the best possible care and comfort in any given moment.